About us

Private Limited Liability Company “Miško darbo” started its activities on February 3, 1997. Registered in Marijampolė municipality in Želsva village.

We sell new and high quality agricultural and forestry machinery.

We prepare biofuels from low-quality wood, which is produced by cultivating fellings and cleaning of green areas. We carry out environmental clean-up work, remove dangerous trees.

Since its establishment, UAB “Miško darbo” provides all forestry services: forest breeding and felling design, soil preparation, planting, planting care, planting protection, nursery development, thinning of older stands, sanitary and fire protection, clearing of trees, felling selection, felling, felling, assortment production, timber harvesting, timber removal and sales.

On a long-term and one-time basis, we cooperate with forest and land owners, state forest enterprises, travelers and other companies.

UAB “Miško darbo” is a member of Lithuanian Forest Owners Association and Wood Carriers Association.

We donate part of our profits to support and charity.