HM 8-400 EM

HM 8-400 EM stationary with electric motor

Chopping Knives: Eight

Reception hole: 400×670 mm can chop wood up to 40 cm in diameter

Chopping drum diameter: 495 mm

Maximum chopping speed: 750 rpm

Conveyor: 600 mm

Reception table: 900 mm

Standard sieve size: 35×40 mm possible and other variants

The chip is blown over, the flywheel inertia of the flywheel is 800 kg

Hydraulic conveyor drive, adjustable feed speed

Automatic stopping of the conveyor when the chopping drum revolves

Integrated electronic working time accounting

Weight 3,550 kg

Supplied with engines:

45 kW 1,500 rpm with V-belt and starter, 625 kg

55 kW at 1,500 rpm with V-belt and starter, 680 kg