HM 6-300

Optimal drum wood chipper, which has a 500 mm wide feed table, which is perfect for branches and more. for wood max 30 cm

Can be:

on the three-point hitch system;

on the chassis;

Elongated drive shaft and sheave for belts;


Chopping Knives: Six

Receiving hole: 300×500 mm, can cut wood up to 30 cm in weight

Diameter of chopping drum: 450 mm

Maximum chopping speed: 750 rpm

Conveyor: 600 mm

Reception table: 900 mm

Maximum power:

    60 kW (82 hp) at 540 rpm

    80 kW (100 hp) at 750 rpm

Standard sieve size: 35×40 mm possible and other variants

The chips are blown over.

Hydraulic conveyor drive, adjustable feed speed

Automatic stopping of the conveyor when the chopping drum revolves

Integrated electronic working time accounting