HM 14-860 K

Technical characteristics:

Wood Inclusion:

  conveyor 900mm long, additional 900mm length

  wood feeding table with a rotating roller at the end of the table

  diameter of the wood pressure drum 800 mm


  fourteen quick-change 90mm knives evenly spaced around the chopping drum

  chopping drum diameter 690mm

  wood receiving hole 800×1.215 mm (max. diameter 650 mm)

  a good wood cut ensures an anvil

   chip size guaranteed by interchangeable sieves, standard 45/60 mm holes, additional sieve from top of chopping drum.

Chip emissions:

  chips ejection drum with three replaceable blades

  exhaust pipe hydraulically pivoting and adjustable from 3.35 m to 5.33 m (max height depending on chassis and tires)


  autonomous, hydraulic wood retraction system

  atomic feed stop in case of knives jamming or dropping drum speed, electro-hydraulic forward / reverse control of conveyor and squeegee drum, speed control, forced lift or squeeze of squeegee drum.

  remote control of chips exhaust pipe, feed table and conveyor (control panel with 10 m cable)

  working hours accounting.

weight: 15.660kg

Technical requirements:

  power: 100 – 220 kW (130 – 300 hp)

  rpm: 800-1000 rpm