HM 14-800 KL truck mounted platform

Heizohack HM 14-800 KL wood chipper


MB Arocs 3345 AK 6×6 (375 kW) Euro 6 diesel engine

Operator cab with swivel operator, enlarged window, air conditioning, radio, video camera on the tail end of the chips, remote full shredder control, retracting drum lift / push and sudden retraction feet

Hydraulic Manipulator Palfinger Epsilon M80F101 (10.1 m long)

Hydraulic Manipulator Control Electro-Hydraulic with Micro Joysticks Joystick EHC Prof 1

4 working lamps on the cockpit, one extending on the chips exhaust pipe and 4 on the hydromanipulator.

Reversing camera on the back of the truck

Automatic trailer hitch Ringfeder with 50mm pin.

Wood Inclusion:

conveyor 900 mm long

hinged wood feeding table with integrated conveyor and rotating roller at the end of the table. Table length 1,500 mm, conveyor length 900 mm

diameter of the wood pressure drum 800 mm


fourteen quick-change 90mm knives evenly spaced around the chopping drum

chopping drum diameter 495 mm

wood receiving hole 800×1.215 mm

a good wood cut ensures an anvil

the size of the chips is guaranteed by interchangeable screens. Available in 35/40, 50/50, 45/60, 60/80, 100/100mm holes. A specific size is selected when ordering.

Chip emissions:

shovel shear with three screws.

chips ejection drum with three replaceable blades

the exhaust pipe is hydraulically rotatable and height adjustable from 3.80 m to 5.30 m

Exhaust pipe and fan replaceable panels made of reinforced steel (wear 6 times slower than Hardox steel)


autonomous, hydraulic wood retraction system

automatic feed stop in case of knife jam or drum dropping

electro-hydraulic forward / reverse control of conveyor and pressure drum, speed control

Forced lift or squeeze of the pressure drum

remote control of chips exhaust pipe, feed table and conveyor

working hours accounting.

additional pedals to raise the pressure drum and reverse the conveyor.

a camera on the end of a skein exhaust pipe with a monitor at the operator’s station


Model: Palfinger Epsilon M80F101

Maximum reach: 10.10 m

Turn angle: 385 degrees

Rotator: Indexator

Gripper: Heizogreif HG 1250, 0.18 m2

Control: Prof1 microswitch with additional functions


Working lights: LED type 4 pcs. cab lamps, 1 pc. on the end of the chips exhaust pipe, 4 pcs. on the hydromanipulator.

Windshield wiper at operator workstation

4 hydraulic support legs

Sieve holder for additional sieve.

Reversing camera