Discover the entire Heizomat product world here. We present each product to you in detail in detailed descriptions with text, images, technical data and product data sheets for download. Further service functions are the digital catalog and a product request via an electronic form directly with the respective Heizomat device. In this section you can also get to know our RHK-AK biomass firing systems up to 990 kW. This series of boilers was specially developed for the use of wood chips, pellets and natural one-way pallets. We also present all models of the HSK-RA boiler series up to 200 kW – they have a wood chip, pellet and chip boiler. Other Heizomat products that we present on these pages are, for example, discharge chains, particle separators,

Heizomat – RHK-AK

RHK-AK Biomass Firing Plants /

The RHK-AK boiler series was specially developed for the use of wood chips, pellets and natural one-way pallets. Thanks to the heart-shaped combustion chamber, the RHK-AK achieves the lowest emission values ​​with optimum efficiency.


HSK-RA heater

HSK-RA wood chip, pellet and swarf boiler /

The all-rounder among the wood chip boilers, the Heizomat HSK-RA. This type of boiler with complete brick lining is characterized by its high degree of efficiency, its robust workmanship, the best exhaust gas values ​​and easy handling.


Delivery technology

Heizomat - discharge systems /

The delivery chain is the result of 33 years of experience in the construction of fully automatic wood chip firing systems. The chain discharge system patented by Heizomat saves up to 50% energy, as the effort required is significantly lower than with conventional screw discharge systems.


Emission technology

Hezomat emission technology /

With the HeizoClean EF185 electrostatic particle separator, you can use the future of filter technology in your Heizomat today. In addition to the innovative control concept, the EF185 sets new standards in filter technology for biomass systems with its robust construction, efficiency and simple handling.


complete solution

Heizomat container system /

Heizomat container systems can be configured in various designs. Whether heating containers for industry, heating modules for private use or technical rooms for the contractor. With our complete solutions, we offer you solutions from a single source.


Heating control

Heizomat control technology /

Heizocontrol ET100 and ET200 offer you sensational technology with self-explanatory menu navigation together with experience from more than three decades of heating wood.



Heizopump (heat pump technology) /

Heat pumps use the solar energy stored in the air and convert it into valuable heating energy. Like our wood chip heating systems, our Heizopump family not only saves CO 2 for our environment, it also makes you independent of fossil fuels.



Heizogreif - gripping pliers for logs and treetop wood /

The Heizomat energy wood grapple is ideal for transporting logs and treetops as well as larger quantities of bushes and shrubbery. The sturdy heating gripper with sturdy tines and counter claws is made from the highest quality solid steel material.


Heating block

Heating block /

Heizoblock is a modular formwork system, ideally suited for the construction of inexpensive massive storage boxes, e.g. for storing wood chips. Due to the variable shape of the formwork, there are no limits to the imagination in terms of design and size.



Heizohand /

The Heizohand offers you a stylish ambience for your kitchen, living room and much more. You can cook, sizzle and roast on the large hotplate, and you don’t even have to go without hot water.