Manipulator K.T.S S5.4m

The K.T.S S 5.4m manipulator is the smallest on offer (now we have smalest K.T.S 4, 7m) but with the highest reach in its class (lifting torque 25 kNm). This reliable manipulator is designed for use with a 7.0 tonne forest trailer.


  • maximum reach in meters – 5.4 m;

  • lifting torque – 25 kNm;

  • rotator torque – 630 Nm;

  • Number of reduction cylinders – 4 pcs;

  • weight with gripper and rotor – 482 kg;

  • 5,4 m: 1m – 1700 kg; 3m – 780 kg; 5m – 355 kg;
  • the reducers used in the manufacture of all K.T.S manipulators are cast, made in Sweden. They are fitted with 4 turning cylinders for maximum torque and minimum wear of parts;

  • all manipulator cylinders are mounted on top of the first boom, thus reducing the risk of damage during operation;

  • all manipulator hydraulic hoses are mounted on top of the boom, which provides better protection without complicating access to them;

  • although the manipulator does not have the thrusts to allow it to bend completely, it is quite manoeuvrable. It is easy to load a full trailer right up to the top of the gate;

  • the manipulator is equipped with a robust 3-ton rotator and a compact 0.18 m2 grab made of Strenx® metal;