Manipulator K.T.S 7.5 m

The K.T.S 7.5m manipulator is our largest manufactured manipulator with a lifting torque of 50 kNm. The traction system used at a reach of 7.5 meters ensures the best reach. Stronger and more reliable gearbox design. As standard, the crane is equipped with a 3-ton rotator and a GR21H (0.21 m2) grab made of Hardox® steel. It is a powerful manipulator for professional work in the forest.


  • maximum reach in meters – 7.5 m;

  • lifting torque – 50 kNm;

  • rotator torque – 630 Nm;

  • Number of reduction cylinders – 4 pcs;

  • weight with gripper and rotor – 1059 kg;

  • 7,5 m: 1m – 3565 kg; 3m – 1580 kg; 5 m – 711kg; 7,5m – 243 kg;
  • the reducers used in the manufacture of all K.T.S manipulators are cast, made in Sweden. They are fitted with 4 turning cylinders for maximum torque and minimum wear of parts;

  • the central lubrication system allows lubrication of the upper lubrication points of the manipulator while standing on the ground. No need to climb, so no risk of falling;

  • all manipulator cylinders are mounted on top of the first boom, thus reducing the risk of damage during operation;

  • all manipulator hydraulic hoses mounted on top provide better protection without impeding access to them;

  • the K.T.S 7.5m manipulator has wide drawbars between the first and second booms that distribute the load evenly when straightening the booms;

  • low parking position;